वर्तमान खबर

डॉ. ए.के. उपाध्याय श्री के साथ निरीक्षण टीम के सदस्य के रूप में में काम कर रहा. Hargopal, ईओ, (आरओ) केवी नंबर 5, बठिंडा कैंट के निरीक्षण के लिए चंडीगढ़, केवीएस. (26-07-2011) और केवी नंबर 3, एएफएस Bhisian, बठिंडा कैंट. (27-07-2011)

Dr. A K Upadhyay joined as Principal on 01-07-2011 


Students of our Vidyalaya in the List of Regional Toppers AISSCE 2011

Stream                        Name                                      Marks (%age)             Position


-        Anurag Kumar                    89.8%                                       16th


-        Pooja                                  87.6%                                       9th

-        Aishwarya                          84.2%                                       19th


-        Adil Brar                             78.4%                                       9th


All India General Knowledge Test – 2011 conducted by United School Organistaion of India.

S. No.



Prize Amt (in Rs.)


Shiv Pratap
















Ms. Tejal Iyer (Director of Chetak FWO) w/o Chairman, VMC, KV No. 1, Bathinda Cantt. visited as Chief Guest on the closing ceremony for Regional Athletic Meet (Girls) as on 04-05-2011


Regional Athletic Meet cum Selection Trials (Girls) 03-05-2011. About 258 girls participated.


Annual sports day was held on 21st April 2011.


New session(2011-2012) started from 1st April 2011.


Ms. Sapna Sharma of Class X-A reached at second level of City Finals of “SPOT THE EINSTEIN CHALLENGE” conducted by Vidyamandir classes on 27th March 2011.


RESULTS 2010-11:

i.Result of  Class I to IX  will be declared on 29.03.2011.

ii.Result of Class-XI will be declared on  31.03.2011.




Admission Notice:

- Admission forms for classes I - IX are available on www.kvsangathan.nic.in (Academic).

- Last date of registration for class I and other classes is 20-3-2011 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.


Cluster level One day Workshop for Automation of Annual Accounts is to be held on 26th Feb 2011.


PTA Meeting for classes VI to X is to be held on 26th Feb 2011.


Cluster level Science Quiz competition was held on 23rd Feb 2011.


February 22, birthday of Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell and of Olave Baden-Powell, his wife and World Chief Guide is celebrated as Thinking Day in Vidyalaya.


Farewell party was organised by XI class students for their seniors of class XII on 21st Feb 2011.


1st Pre Board of Class X and 3rd Pre Board of Class XII to be held from 14th Feb to 22nd Feb 2011.


Class XII Board Practical Exams to be held upto 15th Feb 2011


2nd Pre Board Exams to be held from 6th Jan 2010 of Class XII


Mr. Ramesh Kumar (PGT Eco) appointed as observer for National Jamboori


Ms. Reetu escorted the students of Chandigarh Region for SGFI.


Extra classes for Class XII conducted during winter break.


Winter Break from 24-12-2010 to 02-01-2011.


Following teachers relieved to attend In service course:

Mr. Suresh Kumar (PGT Hindi), Mr. Manoj Kumar (PGT Maths),  Ms. Parveen Mehmi (PGT Chem), Ms. Santosh Singla (TGT Maths), Ms. Davinder Sharma (PRT), Ms. Kiran Bala (PRT), Ms. Kanchan Bala (PRT)


Cluster Level Meeting to discuss 1st Pre Board results of Class XII headed by Sh. M. S. Chauhan, AC (RO, Chandigarh) as on 11-12-2010


1st Pre Board results Class XII Parent Teacher Meeting was held on 8th Dec 2010.


Annual Panel Inspection headed by Sh. M. L. Sondhi, EO (RO, Chandigarh) as on 22-11-2010