Principal Message


KENDRIYAVIDYALAYA No. 1, Bathinda has been marching aheadover the years providing opportunities for the students as well as staff fortheir progress and upliftment. Vidyalaya aims atmaking children capable of becoming active, responsible, productive and caringmembers of society, through its programmes &competitive opportunities like NTSE, KVPY, NSEP, NSEC, NSEB, Junior Olympiad, KVS Science Olympiad, Thinkquestproject.

The challengesfaced by the Vidyalaya are ever changing. The reforms and revolution anychanges in the field of Education are taking place. CCE (Continuous andComprehensive Evaluation) has been introduced which is multidimensional innature. Each session of learning involves three parts: process of learning,applying what has been learned and assessment of what has been learned.

The desirable relatedto the learners knowledge, understanding, application, evaluation, analysisand creating in subjects and the ability to apply it in an unfamiliar situationare some of the objectives of SCHOLASTIC DOMAIN under CCE. The desirable

The process ofassessing students progress in achieving objectives related to scholastic andco scholastic domain is called comprehensive evaluation, Continuous aspecttakes care of assessment from the beginning, during (Formative) and at the endof the unit / terms (Summative).

CCE helps inbringing awareness of the achievement to the child, teachers and parents fromtime to time. Probable cause of fall in achievement if any should be lookedinto and timely remedial measures of instructions may be taken.

Many times,because of personal reasons, family problem or adjustment problem the childrenstart neglecting their studies, entering unsafe friend circle, resulting inpoor achievement and over long period of neglect leading to permanentdeficiency in learning. Parents and society in general are called upon to sharethe joint venture. Education of a child & nurturing offuture generation.